You know how people often have an agenda when writing a comment or blog post? You get the hard sell. You know what I mean.

~the churchy, come to Jesus sell
~the lifestyle sell
~the guilt sell
~the buy my stuff sell
~the support my cause sell
~the Oh no you didn’t! sell
~the misery loves company sell
~the he/she did me wrong (and I never did NUTHIN’ to deserve it) sell

Well, there’s no sell here. Yes, I sell a product in my real life. Yes, I have my religion. Yes, I have a few causes I am very passionate about. Yes, he DID do me wrong! lol But this blog isn’t for the purpose of any of those things. I enjoy writing for me. If something I feel passionately about shows up here maybe you will feel it, too. Or you won’t. But I’m not here to sell it. I’m too old to worry much about what anyone thinks of my choices in life.

Writing for the joy of writing has always been an outlet for me. For many years I kept my writings bound up in secret little books, year by year after year. Hidden away in some secret place between longline bras and scarves. I was afraid the writings would reveal too much of me. Then I decided to go on a quest for true authenticity. What an utter failure THAT was! What I found out is not everyone has earned the right to know your secrets. You get to choose based on how people have treated you and on how trustworthy they have been in the past.

Now I share what I feel comfortable with and what is beneficial to my mental health. That’s it.
If you come along on this ride maybe you will get to know me better and maybe you will see something in me that you know in yourself.

bright futures

If you’re reading introduce yourself. I’d like to know you, too.

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